Automated data collection

Automated data collection.jpg

EcoAerial regularly deploys a range of equipment that records information remotely (e.g. camera traps, bat call detectors, bird and frog call sound recorders and hair tubes). The use of this equipment increases the survey effort substantially (> 10-fold), allows for detailed statistical analysis, reduces OH&S risks, and combined with data analysis software reduces the overall cost.

We recently deployed bat detectors as part of the planning approval process for two wind farms in south-west Victoria. Detectors were located in a variety of habitat types and at height on a meteorological tower. The detectors are programmed to operate from sunset to sunrise for a period of 14 days.

Post analysis was undertaken by EcoAerials Principal Ecologist, Rob Gration, a recognised microbat expert. The bat sound files are first run through a filter to extract all extraneous noise. This reduced the number of files requiring analysis and provided cost savings to our client. Using an extensive voucher call library, the remaining files were classified to a species level when key identification characteristics were present.