Survey protocols

Survey protocols.jpg

EcoAerial in conjunction with biostatisticians, Symbolix, were contracted by Melbourne Water to develop survey guidelines for sound equipment used for recording frogs.

Melbourne Water’s Healthy Waterways Strategy supports scientific research. Their aim is to protect and improve the aspects of waterways that are most important for seven key waterway values (amenity, birds, fish, frogs, macro-invertebrates, platypuses, and vegetation).

Frog species’ location and abundance records are collected through community projects and targeted surveys. Species richness is an important measure of ecosystem health, but it is difficult to ensure that the full list has been detected, especially when some species are rare or cryptic.

The study design consisted of acoustic detectors deployed at one or more survey points within four locations around Melbourne’s urban fringe. The survey tested acoustic detectors at four sample points in the north, two in the north-east and south-east and four west of Melbourne.

Data was collected over two periods of ten nights each. Both one and two detectors were trialled. The results of the survey were statistically analysed and used as the basis for the survey guidelines.

If you would like a copy of the survey guidelines and background document please email;